When I started writing about chatbots they were largely academic projects or intense in-house creations for firms with huge customer bases. In the fast-moving five-plus years since, they have become a staple part of business offerings, spawned a startup armada with fast-evolving services, and that’s just the beginning.

Chatbots, virtual agents and digital avatars will fast change how we all communicate

Call them…

Whether servers are on-premises or in the cloud, the need to balance the ever-growing workloads that target them requires careful management. Enter the load balancer, one of the unsung heroes of the cloud revolution and a booming IT market that plays a key role in keeping firms operational.

Load balancers are a key part of any digital business

The endless…

Chris Knight

Tech writer interested in mobile, digital business, automation, IT, smart homes and gadgets - anything with a GHz pulse.

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